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Providing peace of mind to landlords has our full attention 100% of the time.  However, we also have the added value of a sales team,  property valuations team and mortgage advisors at our fingertips should you need any assistance in this area.

In addition to rural property management – both town and country we offer specialist staff farmhouse inspection - only services. 

We take away your day-to-day worries, eliminate as much risk as possible, and have experienced, enthusiastic and qualified staff.


Rental appraisals

Providing rental appraisals annual rent reviews ensuring you get the maximum return on your property investment. When it comes to rental appraisals getting the right advice is critical. 


Rent payments

We manage all rent payments. Rent is paid to us by automatic payment from the tenant which is monitored, we forward the rent onto you with our management fee deducted.  All our fees are tax deductible.

Tenant selection 

Regardless of whether your property is rural or residential we will undertake extensive background checks, credit checks and interviews with potential tenants, to find you the best tenant.


Property inspections 

Inspections are carried out at regular intervals. These are focused on proactively ensuring that the property is kept in an attractive and well maintained condition, ensuring your tenants are caring for your asset.


Rental agreements

The Residential Tenancies Act requires landlords to ensure their properties adhere to certain standards.  We take care of the paperwork for you and ensure you are compliant with property legislation.


Property maintenance

We will arrange for all repairs and maintenance when required, up to an amount specified by you. If you have your own preferred contractors, we are happy to work with them also.

What is your property worth?

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